Mobile Websites For Lawyers

The mobile era is here. We can build you a separate mobile website
or design a responsive mobile website from the ground up.

Mobile Web Design

It's well-documented by now that consumers are turning to the Internet more and more when it comes time to find a lawyer. In the old days - say 2009 - desktop and laptop computers were the default device that people used to conduct such searches. But now, with the explosion of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the consumer can conduct such searches freely, easily, and on a moments notice. Evidence suggests that those website content providers - for example, attorneys and law firms - that provide the best end user experience are more likely to convert such searches into clients. Having a mobile ready website - whether it's a companion mobile website to an existing website or a responsive "one website for all devices" website - is something any lawyer or law firm with a website needs to consider in this new mobile era.

Having a mobile ready website is something any lawyer or law firm with a website needs to consider in this new mobile era.

Going Mobile: A How-To For Lawyers

At Dan Gilroy Design, our requests for mobile websites typically fall into one of two categories:

  • From those attorneys and law firms who have an existing website and want to provide a better experience for their mobile device visitors, yet don't want to undertake a complete redesign to make their website responsive to all devices; and;
  • From those attorneys and law firms that want a new website that also works on mobile platforms.

In most cases, we will advise you to either build a separate mobile website, or build a responsive website. Which option is best for you will depend on the circumstances of your project.

Mobile Websites For Lawyers

Separate Mobile Websites

There is an ongoing debate among usability experts as to how to best furnish content to mobile device users. In a nutshell it's this: Should you build different websites for mobile devices to access the web, or should you build one website that all devices - desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones phones - can access equally. While we have our opinions, we're not here to end the debate.

Building a separate mobile website as a companion to your existing non-mobile ready website might make sense for those attorneys and law firms who don't want to invest in a complete responsive website redesign or who want to purposefully present different content and/or a different experience to their mobile website visitors.

Responsive Websites

First things first. What is a responsive website, you ask? Think of it as one website for all devices - whether it be your desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or iPhone. With this approach we build one website that will respond to the particular device it's being rendered on and display the content in a layout that is appropriate for that particular device.

Still scratching your head? Perhaps a demonstration will help. Try resizing your browser window and notice how the display of content on this website responds to - and reformats itself - to the different sized browser window. This approach may make sense to lawyers and law firms who are building their first websites and have no desire to maintain two websites. Plus, it's pretty darn cool.

Why You Should Hire Us

You Own It

Once your website is built you own it. You can take it with you wherever you go. You get that in writing.

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We’re known for our ultra responsive service. Typical client requests are turned around the same day – if not the same hour.

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We’ve been doing this for many years and know how to design and code clean, search engine friendly websites.

Made For Mobile

The mobile era is here. We can build you a separate mobile website or design a responsive mobile website from scratch.

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After your website is built, we're here when you need us for support, but you are not attached to us for eternity.

Make Your Own Edits

We’re happy to manage your site for you, but if the hands on approach is more your style, we got you covered.

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For over 10 years, our company has built and managed websites for lawyers throughout the United States.

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