Neville Peterson

For over 30 years, Neville Peterson LLP has specialized in customs and international trade law, serving a wide range of clients such as multinational companies, industries, government bodies, customs brokers, and individuals. Their legal experts adeptly handle complex Federal laws and regulations, providing bespoke solutions for each client. The firm is proficient in various Federal regulatory areas, including duty drawback, origin of goods, valuation, trade remedies, intellectual property rights, cannabis regulation, among others. They are known for their modern legal strategies and personalized advice. Interested parties are encouraged to contact them for an initial consultation to benefit from their innovative and experienced approach.

Location: New York | Seattle | Washington, DC | Philadelphia

Firm Size: 10 Attorneys

Practice Areas: Customs & Trade Attorneys

Category: New York Law Firm Website Design

Project Notes: Website design. Logo design. Launched in 2024.

I recently collaborated with Dan Gilroy Design for our law firm's website revamp, and the experience was outstanding. Dan's team not only provided excellent customer service but also showed an impressive responsiveness and insight to address our unique needs. The tailored approach they took to understand and highlight our niche practice in customs and international trade law was remarkable. The quality of the finished design is not just visually appealing, but it also perfectly encapsulates the professional ethos and expertise of our firm. Choosing Dan Gilroy Design was undoubtedly the right choice for the redesign of Neville Peterson LLP's website.

Richard O'Neill

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