Sali Robb

Sali Robb LLC, based in Portland, OR, is a distinguished high-stakes litigation and criminal defense law firm. The firm has a stellar record in handling complex civil cases and criminal charges, including career-jeopardizing misdemeanors and capital murder. Notable achievements include a record-breaking 2023 jury verdict and multiple aggravated murder charge dismissals. Sali Robb’s innovative legal tactics have led to exceptional outcomes, exemplified by a groundbreaking defense involving Oregon’s wiretap statute.

The recent small law firm website design project for Sali Robb LLC by Dan Gilroy Design showcases our expertise in small law firm website design. Our services ensure a professional and user-friendly online presence, tailored to meet the specific needs of law firms. Contact us to learn more about our specialized small law firm website design services and how we can enhance your online visibility.

Location: Portland, OR

Firm Size: 2

Practice Areas: Complex Civil and Criminal Cases

Category: Portland Law Firm Website Design

Project Notes: Website and logo design. 2024.

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